The Setting… The Style… The Atmosphere… 

Each element of the club is unique, along with the immense warmth of our welcome, that will surely touch your spirits. You would experience the sense of uniqueness everywhere…in the delectable choice of any of our restaurants, on the rich sporting ground where you will work out, especially while playing tennis or squash – or splashing your way in our tantalizing swimming pool. You will feel it everywhere… when you cozy up in the library or take a leisured stroll on our plush green lawns!

Right through your visit / stay you will experience that unostentatious, yet personalized service that defines our hospitality as our lifestyle.

Rajpath’s fascinating variety, has for many years attracted people of all the age groups. It still continues to do so, offering several avenues within an area widely spread over 64,000 sq. yards approx. We blend a diversity of attraction and a way of life which combines a dynamic new present with a tradition-bound past.

The club had its humble beginnings in 1975 and since then, has had a glorious journey over the years.

Nestling amidst the industrious city of Ahmedabad, and looped by Gujarat’s major cities, Rajpath is still the home of creativity, of arts and crafts, music, dance and song which has flourished over these years, and is getting ready to embrace the modern world amenities and services.