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Dear Member,

The eagerly awaited summer season is here! I am sure we all have wonderful memories of summer seasons from our childhood. The joy of vacations and family trips surely added new excitement in our lives then. To help our children enjoy every minute of this summer season we have planned a range of activities for them. There’s more for all of us too. For the benefit of the children of our club, we have completely renovated our Children’s Park. It has world-class rides and equipment. The surface of this equipment is soft and totally children friendly. This new facility will help all the children in our club, below the age of 12, to indulge in physical activities in a safer and comfortable way. Like our tradition, to fuel their curiosity, we have also arranged various edu-taining activities. These activities will broaden the horizons of their knowledge and help them express themselves in a creative manner. These fun-filled activities, workshops and programmes are being conducted by the best professionals in the industry.

We are also on the verge of our 45th Annual Day Celebrations. This special day will be highlighted with Entertainment, Sports Competition, Fashion Show and other activities. We are also bringing Talent Show where our members will showcase their musical talents for all of us. So I urge you all to participate with full enthusiasm and make this event a grand success.

Looking back, we were the proud hosts of Musical Concerts of Maestros like Javed Ali and Salim & Sulaiman. Our members enjoyed these shows with great enthusiasm and joy.

We also enjoyed classic Bollywood hits like Krantiveer, Mera Naam Joker and other such cult movies in our open-air theatre. The daily screening of these movies was thoroughly enjoyed by all. To engage the children of our club post tedious exams, we had organised special Children’s Movie Mania. Under this banner, we showcased some of the most popular children’s movies in our new Home Theatre.

We are also bringing innovative programmes and concerts for the engagement and entertainment of other members. The success of these initiatives will depend on your active participation and support. I am optimistic. You will all make the most of these programmes and enjoy it to the fullest with your family and guests.

As always, it is your suggestion and feedback that helps us to grow as a team. So do share your feedback so that we can take our operations to the next level and serve you even better.
Wishing you all a wonderful summer season ahead!

Jagdishchandra B. Patel
Rajpath Club Limited

Dear Member,

The summer season is here! I hope this season brings you great opportunities to strengthen your bond with family and friends. Talking about Rajpath Family, it gives me immense pride in sharing with you that a very important milestone awaits our club.

As a club, we have come a long way. The progressive zeal which was deeply entrenched into our foundations by Shri Babubhai Patel has helped us in becoming one of the best family clubs in the state today. Under the leadership and guidance of President Shri Jagdishchandra Patel, we are taking the club to the next level.
Our new Rajpath Club and Resort is going to be the realisation of our dynamic spirit. This new facility is shaping up to become an important landmark not just at the state level, but also nationally. It will be a rich reflection of our cultural heritage and progressive zeal.

Located just at a distance of 15 km. from the current Club facility and spread over nearly 110 Bighas (approx. 3,00,000 sq. yards) of land, you will find a club that matches the essence of this city and our culture. This fully equipped, advanced and the magnificent club facility will offer a truly world-class club experience to you and your family members.

Out of the total 110 Bighas, NA permission from the Government has already been obtained and documentation has been completed for the 90 Bighas of land in the name of Rajpath Club Limited. The documentation of the remaining land will be completed in due course of time, after receiving the NA permission. We are committed to making this dream project operational as soon as possible. As per the tradition of our Rajpath Club, we need your support and cooperation to turn this dream into a reality. I am optimistic you will be there inspiring us through all the phases of this wonderful facility in the making.

On the concluding note, I would like to share – let’s walk together, there still are many milestones awaiting us.

Thanking you,

Raxesh C. Satiya
Hon. Jt. Secretary
Rajpath Club Limited



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