» Annual Subscription
Type of membership Annual Fees
Ordinary / Gymkhana Ordinary / Institutional Ordinary Rs. 500/-
Senior Ordinary (above-60 yrs) Rs. 250/-
Non-Resident / Senior (above-60 yrs) Non-Resident Rs. 250/-
Senior Citizen Parent Guest Renewal Fees Rs. 250/-
Note : GST @ 18% as applicable will be extra on above fees.

» New Ordinary Membership Fees W.E.F. 28-01-2019

Membership Category Membership Fee (Rs.)
 Institutional (With Two Nominees) Rs. 50,00,000/-
 New Membership (Minimum Age 11 Years Onwards) Rs. 30,00,000/-
 Member’s Son/Daughter (Major) Rs. 15,00,000/-
 Member’s Minor Son/Daughter (Age between 7 and 18 Years ) Rs. 15,00,000/-
 Transfer Membership to Blood Relation (15 Category only) Rs. 1,00,000/-
 Transfer Membership to Others than Blood Relation Rs. 2,00,000/-
 Surrender the Membership to Club Rs. 5,00,000/-
 Member’s Son (Yearly) (Age between 18 and 25 years) Rs. 25,000/-
 Service Membership (For Six Months) For first class Govt Officers Rs. 7500 + tax/-
Refundable Deposit Rs.7500/-
Note : Application Form Charge Rs. 200/- for each category & GST @ 18% as applicable will be extra on above fees.

» Guest Entry Charges

For enhancing the comfort of members there has been a restriction enforced by the club management for Guest Entry. All the guests coming to visit the club between Monday to Friday (Upto 4 Guest Rs. 30/- per, 5 to 8 Guest Rs. 50/- per and Above 8 Guests Rs. 100/- per), On Saturday , Sunday and Public Holiday (Upto 4 Guest Rs. 75/- per, 5 to 8 Guest Rs. 100/- per and Above 8 Guests Rs. 150/- per). A prior consent will be required from the Club before 24 hours for guest entry exceeding 4 guests. No guest shall be allowed with the Junior members, Member’s son and Senior Members (Guest).

Please check & ensure the number of Guests entered in your membership account on monitor at the entry desk. Any complain in this regards will not be entertained.

Note : GST @ 18% as applicable will be extra on above charges.

Guest are not entitled to enter on a member’s card. SMART CARD OR  FINGER PRINT IS COMPULSORY FOR ENTRY.

» Defaulter 
  • Once the amount exceeds Rs. 5000/-, a reminder is sent through the Regd. Post , there by putting the respective membership on HOLD.
  • If the member still fails to make any payment , the due amount on reaching Rs.10,000/- , his/her membership shall be put into a STOP category and he will not be allowed to take part in the club activities.
  • After putting the membership in the STOP category a NOTICE by REGD. A.D. is issued. A further non-payment of funds takes the membership to the “DEFAULTER” category.
  • Even after being a defaulter if the member does not make any payments, then the membership gets CEASED. These members cannot be Reinstated.
  • For all categories other then CEASED, if the total amount due is paid along with the interest and Penalties – (if any), in due time, the Membership can be Reinstated.